About us

man walking in a dark corridor towards lightKainos helps men in prison turn away from offending. We also support men in the community following release with through the gate mentoring and a new community programme, Pathways to Change run in partnership with Langley House Trust.


84% of our graduates from our flagship ‘Challenge to Change’ programme do not reoffend in the first year following release.

The belief of the founders of Kainos, (encompassed in the name) is that, given the right circumstances, surroundings and time, any offender can change – experience over the last 15 years has proved that this can happen.

We are determined in our aim to help as many prisoners as possible develop healthy relationships through the combination of community living and the basic Christian value of loving one’s neighbour as one’s self.

The Challenge to Change programme is a CSAAP (Correctional Services Accreditation & Advisory Panel)  accredited programme of rehabilitation.