Our services

Kainos mentor with his hand on another participant's shoulderKainos works with adult male offenders (aged 18 and over) both within prison and through the gate in the community.

We deliver two main programmes – Challenge to Change (in prison) and Pathways to Change (in the community) in partnership with Langley House Trust.

What we do works – 84% of graduates from Challenge to Change do not reoffend within the first year following release.

Our services include:

  • Rehabilitation in prison – delivering our NOMS commissioned, CSAAP accredited Challenge to Change programme. We use cognitive behavioural therapy methods (CBT) within a group therapeutic community setting on a prison wing. It is a 24/7 programme which requires total immersion in the programme over a period of six months
  • Through the gate mentoring and support
  • Pathways to Change – combining the best of the Kainos Challenge to Change prison programme with rehabilitation in the community from Langley House Trust. Participants take part in a core programme based on CBT, as well as engage in a structured programme which incorporates victim awareness, community enterprise, training and social value projects

Through both programmes, participants:

  • Address offending behaviour
  • Address associated distorted thinking and anti-social behaviour
  • Develop cognitive and pro-social interpersonal skills which helps them to live a more purposeful, pro-social life, both inside prison and in the community

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