Man in a jacket crouched down in a prison yardIt has taken me 33 years to realise that change is possible; when I started the course I had other priorities, that priority was my addiction. I thank all those who have supported me, my class mates and the Challenge to Change team that have helped me face my demons.

Peter graduated from Challenge to Change in 2013

Thank you for showing me the power of positive thinking, thank you for giving me the knowledge and belief that change is really possible.  I can look back at my negative behaviour at the start of the course. I thank the Challenge to Change and wing staff for not giving up on me.  Before I came onto the course I had never been in a classroom I’d never been to school, I have learned so much. I’ve learnt the importance of rules and why we have them. My confidence and self awareness has grown. How positive thoughts can lead to positive actions and the dangers of negative thoughts and influences. The course has shown me who was really important in my life and that has helped me be more motivated, when I think of my children, ex partner and friends. Challenge to Change has helped me get my priorities right.

When I’m asked what I have got from Challenge to Change I tell people that:

I have got my life back.

I have got a future

I am now capable of stopping and thinking

Challenge to Change has shown me how I can start to take responsibility for all that I do it’s also shown me that there are always some consequences for the things I do.

I might not be able to name the tools and skills that I have learnt I just feel more confident and able to deal with situations in a better way. Looking at my past behaviour made me sad, because I got to understand how much I affected other people.           

My future looks different today.