Challenge to Change

Our offending behaviour programme  

Developed and designed by Kainos, Challenge to Change has a unique approach to bringing about change. We use cognitive-behavioural methods (CBT) within a group setting to develop pro-social thinking and behaviour. This is then put into practice within the safe confines of a Therapeutic Community. 

Living in community

Two Kainos participants crouched by a chicken pen looking after chickens as part of the Challenge to Change programmeChallenge to Change in custody is a 6 month, 24/7 programme. Participants live on the dedicated unit within the prison and become an active member of the community, agreeing rules, meeting as a community and providing peer support. Peer mentors are an important part of Challenge to Change.



A Kainos peer mentor supervising another Kainos participant who is working out in a gymThe programme involves several structured groupwork sessions per week covering the five modules of Challenge to Change:




  • Orientation Assessment & Preparation
  • Community Living
  • Focus  
  • Inter-personal Relationships
  • Citizenship

Mentors on Release 

Part way through the programme, participants are assigned a mentor who will guide and support them during the transition from prison, helping them fulfil their ambitions and reduce their risk of re-offending.


Challenge to Change has been adapted to run in the community as Pathways to Change, run in partnership with Langley House Trust. Challenge to Change can also be tailored to various groups, e.g. women, young offenders.

 More Information…
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