Our impact

I came across an old associate who knew me from my days before I came to prison.  During the conversation he told me he couldn’t believe I was the same person and I had changed for the better and asked what had happened and I told him about the Kainos programme.

84% of our graduates do not reoffend within one year of release. For more detailed evidence and reports click here.

Challenge to Change addresses many of the desistance factors that are known to reduce the risk of prolific offending:

  • Hope & motivation
  • Having something to give to others
  • Having a place within a social group
  • Not having a criminal identity
  • Being believed in 

This helps individuals to make a permanent change, regardless of circumstances. The way they approach life is different. The results for them, their families and communities are remarkable.

Two men smiling

Read about the ‘Changed Lives’ of some of our past Challenge to Change participants.