Kainos Prison Wing Wins Award

Two men in green overalls in a prison yard, overseeing some chickens as part of a chicken project on the Kainos Challenge to Change programme

The prison wing where the Kainos Challenge to Change programme is run has received an ‘Enabling Environments’ award.

The Enabling Environments Award was given by the Royal College of Psychiatry to the Langdale wing in HMP Haverigg (Cumbria).


It recognises the ‘outstanding’ work of the Kainos team in creating an environment where positive relationships flourish.

It also recognises ‘outstanding best practice in creating and sustaining a positive and effective social environment’. The quality mark was awarded to the Langdale wing for three years.

The community aspect of Challenge to Change is all about creating an environment where participants feel respected and valued and where the relationships they develop with others helps them to take responsibility for their environment.

Participants grow in their ability to relate to others, live as part of a community, get along peacefully with those inside it and grow individually as a person.

The chicken project is one of the projects that help participants on Challenge to Change to learn about caring for others (in this case chickens!) and take responsibility for something else.

The Enabling Environments award was given after a rigorous assessment, involving both Challenge to Change participants and staff. The environment and community created by Challenge to Change was graded against ten core standards, including belonging, boundaries, empowerment, leadership and openness.

Speaking about the award, Pamela Leonce, Corporate Operations Director, said:

It is an indication of the hard work of the Kainos team that the Langdale wing has been given an Enabling Environments Award. Creating a sense of community on a prison wing is a real achievement and promotes the values of respect, responsibility and concern for others that is integral to the Challenge to Change programme. We are really pleased with the team’s achievement and most of all, for the positive impact the environment makes on participants on Challenge to Change.